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[How to make fish dumplings for children]_Children’s meal_How to make

[How to make fish dumplings for children]_Children’s meal_How to make

The delicious food of dumplings is an indispensable protagonist on people’s tables.

And eating dumplings can bring very rich nutrients to the body and help the body absorb it quickly.

Therefore, eating more dumplings is a very healthy diet choice.

Especially for children, eating dumplings is good for healthy development. However, the fillings of children’s dumplings are very important. Let’s take a look at how to make children’s fish-filled dumplings.

Making fish-filled dumplings depends on what kind of fish is needed, either sea fish or fish from the river. Try choosing bigger fish. The place where the meat is selected is the belly of the fish. Such a place has more meat and less thorns.

Then chop the fish meat, add the appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, add green onions, other vegetables, and fill the filling.

This will make dumplings.

Method one: 1. Steam the fish in sections and judge whether it is cooked or not. Use chopsticks to insert it. You can easily insert it after it is cooked.

2. Wait for the fish to cool slightly and twist the fishbone manually.

This is a big project, and it needs to be twisted little by little, otherwise the fishbone can’t be cleaned easily and it can easily catch the baby.

3, chopped green onions.

4. Add the shallot, soy sauce, aniseed, pepper, ginger powder, salt to the fish puree, and add the sesame oil, stir well, and the fish filling will be ready.

Method two: 1. Clean the grass carp after slaughter, remove the head and tail, bone spurs and fish skin, and take the fish meat and grind it into velvet; pork fat and pork chop into mud; choose to wash the leek, cut into fine particles, add sesame oil, and refineMix well; 2. Add the fish head and fish bones to the pot, mix with water, add pepper, cooking wine, chicken essence, boil until the soup is creamy, and then filter out the residue to form the fish soup; 3.Add fat, mashed meat and mix well, then add salt, monosodium glutamate, egg whites, stir, add cold fish soup while stirring, then add vigorous and fish soup, and mix with leek grains, serve.

Method three: 1. Descale the gills, viscera, and wash the seabass; 2. Take the middle part, the fish is too big to eat so much; 3, the pork belly is better, only the lean meat at home;Mince, add chopped pepper water while chopping; 5, put pork and fish together in a bowl, add soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, peanut oil, sesame oil; 6, add chopped chives, gently evenly in one directioncan.