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[How to cut onions without tears]_Onion_Cut correctly_How to cut

[How to cut onions without tears]_Onion_Cut correctly_How to cut

Anyone who has cooked and cooked must have cut onions, and tears are very common when cutting onions. At this time, people will be very uncomfortable, causing many people to be afraid of cutting onions. In fact, as long as you master some tipsThis may be avoided.

1. Cut the onion in running water.

Cutting the onion in running water can control the volatilization of the gas in the onion, but although this does not irritate the eyes, it is a waste of water.

This trick is not recommended.

2. Refrigerate the onions in the refrigerator.

Put the onions in the refrigerator before cutting them, refrigerate them, remove them after 5-10 minutes, and cut them. The pungent odor will evaporate less, and you won’t shed tears when you cut them again.

3, chewing gum.

The lower eyelid has a small hole near the bridge of the nose, which communicates with the bridge of the nose and throat, and puts extra tears.

The spicy gas irritates the eyes when cutting the shallots, and the tear fluid secreted by the lacrimal glands increases.

When the jaw gum is not inserted into the upper and lower jaw, a negative pressure will be formed inside and the tear will be sucked into the mouth through this small hole.

This way, there will be no extra tears in your eyes and you will not cry.

4, bite the chopsticks.

When chopping the onion, hold the chopsticks across the mouth so that the tears will not flow out. Because the mouth of the chopsticks will become dry, saliva will be secreted in the body, and the tear slices that become the cut of onion will cause saliva to flow.It occurs first, so it has the effect of suppressing tears.

5. Soak the onion in cold water.

If you don’t go into the refrigerator, remove the head and tail of the onion, cut it in half and soak it in cold water for 10 minutes.

6, microwave oven for 20 seconds.

Before cutting the onion, heat the onion in the microwave for 20 seconds, put it on the cling film and heat it. The heating is called to make the onion irritating ingredients.

7, goggles cut onions.

Swimming goggles have a better effect on closing the eyes, so that when slicing onions, no irritating substances will evaporate into the eyes.

8. Cut the onion with a moist knife.

It is also a good method to cut the onion with a wet knife. When cutting, often wash the knife with water before cutting.

Before cutting the onion, it is best to apply vegetable oil to the kitchen knife so that it does not shed tears.

9. Light a candle next to the bezel.

When cutting onions, you can light a candle on the cutting board to reduce the irritating smell of onions.

Works well!

Cut a slice of onion and put a spoonful of salt on the wooden board.

10, stuffed paper towels.

Although it is not elegant, it is the easiest secret. Please insert a tissue into the nostril, because the irritant in the onion can irritate the eyes, and plugging the nose can prevent the irritant from entering the body.